Come and See - Praying for 100

This may be my favorite Scripture that characterizes ASD. For so many who ask "what kind of church is ASD?", it is so hard to explain and you have to know some history to talk about “Anglican” and 3 streams, etc. So, along with many of you, I simply say “come and see”.

This Sunday, our scripture passage is taken from John 1:36 – 51. It is a marvelous passage about invitation, hospitality, who Jesus is, what are the significant questions of life, but, twice, you will hear Jesus, then Philip, say “come and see.” It is an apt description of what our Alpha course is about. Bring your questions of life. Bring your half understood Christianity or your search for meaning etc. No requirements, no charge and no judgment. Alpha has helped create the culture of invitation at our church. There’s no righteous past that is needed. In fact, just the opposite. Jesus wants to meet you and love you where you are now.

Our next Alpha course begins Tuesday, January 30 at 6:30 PM at The Eberhard on Henderson. We are asking you to invite and praying that God will bring 100 new guests to the first meeting on January 30. Much like our All Saints Christmas party, there is fun, hospitality, good food, drinks, and welcoming community. Would you please pray about at least two people to invite for this first meeting? There is no requirement beyond that. There is no hard sell or follow-up chasing people down. There is no charge.

Very practically, scroll down your contact list in your cell phone or rolodex or whatever you use. Think of family members, neighbors, coworkers, service help etc. We would do all the heavy lifting. All we ask you to do is invitation.

I want to close with this thought. Over the past several weeks you have financially responded with great generosity. Now, I am asking you to respond as part of your discipleship and hospitality and invite and bring people at least to this first meeting on Tuesday, January 30 at 6:30 PM at The Eberhard on Henderson.