Congolese Company's Coming

iM9n39KGA3Us9Wnz3LBnlyo1xJSNtHyP5c1PCLXolugT9H6SN8VmUf375uw1tiPQHFXhTFy17J7_5F0Kg5Lay1KmBvBMotPA1hPkPnWBPUwiSSay_uxGkLJHRIJ-AR1ChGgwz78WBMU8I6EL8MQvWhQg6iFbme6LqX5DVbQ=s0-d-e1-ftWe first met Pastor Atulu (the tall man left of Mike) 30 years ago. He was on break from revising the Bible in Bangala (a regional language) and joined a group of us for a week to help establish the alphabet for Mayogo, his mother tongue. Later, he worked full-time as a Mayogo translator.

Last year, our son Steve and I made a video about the Mayogo New Testament. It featured Atulu telling how God brought it about despite war. Seed Company planned to show the video at a major fundraising event in South Carolina last October. But Hurricane Matthew nixed that.

Now the video will debut in Georgia, April 6-9, at another big fundraising event. This date change opened the way for Seed Company to invite Atulu, plus Freddy, the Congolese director of a Bible translation organization there, to speak at the event. On March 20, the US consulate in the DR Congo granted their visas. They arrive in Dallas this Monday, March 27!

Atulu told us last year he’d reached the peak of his life in seeing the Bangala Bible and the Mayogo New Testament completed. He never dreamed a film would be made about him, too. And now he’s leaving Africa for the first time to tell others about the difference Scripture makes in the mother tongue.

We can hardly believe he’s coming. We’re excited that we get to see this large-hearted man again and that others in the US will interact with him and his message.

March 27-April 3, Mike and I will host Atulu and Freddy in our home. We’re grateful and humbled that we have a chance to reciprocate, in a small way, all the wonderful Congolese hospitality we enjoyed over the years. The week in Dallas will give them time to acclimate to the US and prepare for the event with Seed Company staff.

I marvel at how each of our kids has touched and was touched by the Mayogos:

  • Sarah, the baby pictured above, spent her first 1 ½ years among the Mayogos. She opened doors for us into their lives. They loved her then and whenever she’s returned, including for last year’s New Testament dedication.
  • Steve captured the Mayogos’ joy in receiving their New Testament with his professional cinematography skills.
  • Katie has been working at Seed Company on this event for the past two months. She helped Atulu and Freddy with their US visas and plane tickets.

Would you pray?

  • Safe travel and good health for Atulu and Freddy; protection for their families at home.
  • They would communicate well the message and hope of Bible translation from the DR Congo.
  • Those who hear them would grasp a vision of the need for people throughout the world to have the Scriptures in a language they can understand.

Thanks for praying for these sent ones.