Continued Hurricane Harvey Relief

Many of you have asked and wondered how might you help with the recovery along the Gulf Coast and Houston from the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Though you may have the time and inclination to rush down there right away and get to work, I have talked with people in the Houston area who are mobilizing teams and working with the city that, for the moment, are encouraging people to wait. There are plenty of people waiting in lines to help volunteer. In addition, hotels and motels, churches and civic centers are full since tens of thousands of homes will be unlivable for a while. So unless you have family down there or close friends with which you can stay, please sit tight. One of the things we are hoping to arrange is a small trip down there in a couple of weeks as their volunteer base goes back to their own careers, families, and lives. When that happens, there will still be plenty of work left to do. We would love to head down for a few days to help take rubbish out to curbs, tear out drywall, and clean up homes and businesses. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks to see if we can arrange just this sort of trip! 

In the meantime, there are financial needs as well as particular items for which teams are asking. The Red Cross, The United Way, Samaritan’s Purse, and The Salvation Army (as well as others) have setup relief funds and staff to help. We encourage you to visit their websites for more information. In addition, Second Baptist Church in Houston is teaming up with the City of Houston to collect items, funds, and volunteers to mobilize in the coming weeks. I have been encouraged by my conversations with staff down there and had an informative conversation with Rev. Curt Taylor from Second. 100% of the funds, he assures me, given for the relief efforts will used for the relief efforts. In addition, they have a helpful list of items on the front page of their website, Please use this list if you intend on purchasing items.

And as always, keep praying for the Gulf Coast. Pray for a continuing sense of hope, unity, and strength as the days and work wears on. I love this prayer from St John the Divine church down in Houston; let us pray it with them: 

Heavenly Father, we cast our cares and worries upon you, knowing you will sustain us. We seek your will in all of our experiences and serve you always with a grateful heart. Watch over us this day and bring peace and strength to those in need. Send your mighty angels to be with our leaders this day and in the days to come. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Also, join us tonight at our first Friday of the month prayer and healing service, First Fruits, where we'll take some time to pray for this disaster in south east Texas. We'll be meeting at 7pm at All Saints.


In Christ

Mark Walz

Church Planter - All Saints Church, North Dallas