An Open Letter to the Alpha Team


Over the years I have been asked time and again what does it look like to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Another way it is phrased is - How do I know if I am filled with the Holy Spirit?

Well, if we look at the evidence in the book of Acts, whether it was Peter or Paul or the other disciples, the mark of the presence of the Holy Spirit was that they were involved in spreading the Gospel. What does that look like at All Saints Dallas? It is summed up in three words - Come and See.

Tuesday night we bore witness to an incredible sign of the Spirit's presence at All Saints Dallas. The past couple of weeks Philip has asked you to join him in praying for 100 guests to attend night 1 of Alpha. We see that God has gifted us as a church of hospitality, and we want to continue to be a people of invitation that say to our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers "Come and See". Well, on Tuesday night God answered our prayers with OVER 100 guests not including the Alpha team and including 3 teenagers! (around 140 altogether in attendance). The atmosphere in the Eberhard was electric. Many have begun a journey that will lead them to an encounter with Jesus and their lives will be changed for eternity. There is still space for many more, we have three more weeks to invite people to come and see...

As 6pm rolled around I whispered a prayer - Lord you don't owe me a thing - I don't want to presume on your presence. This is a big risk here, if you were to show up it would be amazing. Well as you know, due to the people at your tables, the Lord showed up and so did the Alpha guests in droves. We only turned two people away who pulled into the driveway because they saw a crowd and asked, what kind of restaurant is this? We saw the crowd and thought we would come and see. Another sign that the Lord is at work. People are always drawn to the Light!

At First Fruits this Friday we will be spending our time in prayer that the Lord would keep up his work of reaching the Last, Lost, Lonely, and the Least. We will be particularly focusing our prayers in the area of Business in the city - praying for those who work in Finance to retail to property development. Come and join us as we pray. 7-9pm in the church.

For now - well done everyone. Keep up the good work in inviting people to Come and See.

Every Blessing to you all,

Dave+ Larlee