Giving Time Through Prayer

Throughout history -  Outpourings of God and even revivals have always been preceded by forerunners. Forerunners are those who sought to give of their time to the Lord - seeking the Lord’s face on behalf of their family, community, city or nation - seeking that God Almighty would intervene. It is only after this giving of their time that revivals swept the church and society. Our history bears witness to groups of unlikely people who sought the face of God that he would bring about a glorious change to the culture by meeting the hearts and minds of His people in a tangible way.

Over the past months the Lord has given me a quiet conviction that the Lord has an outpouring planned for the City of Dallas and that this season is therefore an opportunity for us as a church to give of our time. Might we as a church be forerunners of what God has planned for our city?

This then is why on Friday November the 3rd instead of our normal first fruits service we are holding a prayer vigil. From 7-11pm you are invited to an evening of prayer where we will be praying for the heart of our city. Differing from our first fruit services, this prayer vigil will be an evening where we will lament that all is not as it should be and pray for the hope of what can be. “Thy kingdom come.”it will be an contemplative, creative and interactive evening of prayer - praying that God would intervene and bring healing and wholeness  to our city in the areas of 

1) family

2) industry

3) community

4) identity

You are invited then, to come and be a forerunner, to give God your time by spending the evening in prayer that in his economy our prayers might affect an incredible kingdom difference in our lives, the lives of those we love, and the lives of those in our city