God's Fulfilled Promise in Pentecost

This is a big weekend for the church. Pentecost marks the fulfilment of the promise of the Father, the birth of the church and the moment where the ministry of the Ascended Christ carries on through his followers.

The Promise of the Father, as it develops in scripture, is that a day would come when the Lord would remove our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh. That a day would come when we would no longer need laws written on tablets of stone because the Lord God would write his law in our hearts. This all occurred on the original Pentecost and every year as we mark this great feast the Lord uses this day to bring people into a deeper heart felt knowledge of His love and His purpose for their lives.

To mark this great feast you are invited to come along to First Fruits, our first Friday of the month healing service where we'll seek the Holy Spirit in worship and prayer. On Friday night we have a great opportunity to hear a gifted and anointed speaker, Neil Burum. Neil is a mentor of mine and also the father of our very own Morgan Myers.

Friday 7pm All Saints Dallas
Sunday 9 & 11am All Saints Dallas