Praying for Glorious Change

I'm not sure what type of prayer person you are – someone that feels excited to bring your personal requests to God, or someone that would rather bring the needs and joys of others before the Lord, but this weekend you will have the opportunity to do both. If you've never been to a Prayer Vigil or extended time of prayer, I encourage you to come to All Saints tomorrow, Friday November 3 from 7-11 pm and see what God has for you. There will be worship, teaching, direction, creative prayer stations, and more! Below is an excerpt from Dave+ Larlee's blog last week about the vigil. Please go back and read through why he believes this vigil could bring about healing to the heart of Dallas. Don't you want to be involved in that? Wouldn't it be great to look back in 5, 10 (20, 30) years and say, on November 3, 2017 I was at a prayer vigil that was the beginning of God healing the families, industries, communities, and identity of Dallas?

"Throughout history , outpourings of God and even revivals have always been preceded by forerunners. Forerunners are those who sought to give of their time to the Lord - seeking the Lord’s face on behalf of their family, community, city or nation - seeking that God Almighty would intervene... Over the past months the Lord has given me a quiet conviction that the Lord has an outpouring planned for the City of Dallas and that this season is therefore an opportunity for us as a church to give of our time. Might we as a church be forerunners of what God has planned for our city?" (Read the full blog here).

Another chance for prayer this weekend can actually start now. On Sunday morning we will celebrate Baptisms. There will be 14 children (names below) baptized and welcomed into the family of God and All Saints. Please be praying for these children and their families during this exciting weekend. Pray that they will feel the weight and joy of what's happening on Sunday, that they will feel loved by their All Saints family, and that the parents and children will feel peace in their new identity as sons and daughters of the Creator of all.

Many blessings,



Philip Lockwood Allen            John Beecherl Hardaway    

Asher Scott Cole                    Annabelle Elaine Henderson

Oliver Makepeace Cole          Charis Elizabeth Henderson

River Jude Cole                      Emmeline Ann Henderson

Tessa Pearl Cole                    Hunter John Rath

Henry Broyles Dunlap            Everette Grace Villarreal

Fisher James Frantz               Eleanore Jane Weatherly