Radical Inclusivity...Profound Transformation

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, is also the 2-year anniversary of worshiping in this sacred space, our church home. God clearly led us to this location and we are so grateful. Our vision of a church that is radically inclusive reflects God's radical love for the whole world and joins Him in growing faithfully in the likeness of Christ and on mission to those around us and beyond. Profound transformation is what we experience in worship, prayer, study, as our hearts are renewed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and move more deeply in love with God. So many of you are getting healed, set free and experiencing restored relationships.

Your trust in God and the leadership He has placed here is so encouraging. This is reflected in so many ways by your words and deeds. One of the most tangible is your generosity with your resources. The basis of God's authority in our life is His generosity. Many of you respond with generosity of your time, talent and treasure. You know the joy of giving. You recognize that God is doing something unique and transforming at All Saints Dallas. You honor God and trust Him when he says in Malachi 3:10 "bring the full tithe into the storehouse...and put me to the test to see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need." He says further, He will rebuke the devourer for us! What a promise.

As this year nears its end, would you prayerfully consider generously giving to All Saints? We can't out give God. This is not fund raising or giving toward a budget. That is not how the Bible teaches generosity. Rather this is an opportunity to return to God through All Saints a portion of what is His anyway so we can continue to be radically inclusive and watch God profoundly transform lives.

Thank you for all you are and your deep trust in God's ministry here. God bless.