Receive as Much as You Can, Give as Much as You Can

Recently over coffee with a visitor to All Saints Dallas, I was asked "what is the first step in seeing revival in Dallas?". My answer surprised my guest. “Receive as much as you can, and give as much as you can.” I’ve never heard this approach before. We then discussed the different avenues and ways one might receive at ASD. Then after a pregnant pause my guest braced themselves for what they thought I was going to say about giving.

“Giving, I said is really all about creating a space for people to encounter the Lord.” 

We talked a bit about money but really spent most of our time talking about the one thing more precious than money in our culture, time. Giving as much as you can, looks different for each of us depending on our circumstances - but what is our giving seeking to achieve? In giving our time, talent and treasure, we are invited into the most exciting prospect on the face of the earth - the ushering in of the Kingdom of God. There really isn’t anything quite like it. Seeing lives transformed as people hear and engage with the Gospel for the first time at Alpha, becoming part of a vibrant community through one of our pastorates or small groups, being transformed in prayer through the work of the Holy Spirit at one of our gatherings. It’s all about the Kingdom.

Practically what does it look like to give of one’s time? Well on any given Sunday Our Sunday Service Leaders and volunteers create a space for nearly 500 worshipers to encounter the Lord. Many of you have been serving for over 5 years and we really appreciate you. It takes 52 volunteers to create this space. 

For many of us, worship on Sunday is the highlight of our week where we tangibly feel the love of God in our community, celebrate the sacrament of Jesus in our lives, and see the power of the Holy Spirit - healing and commission us to go into our coming work week as the sent ones seeking to Live in God’s presence and live out his love.

Visitors identify our worship services as what draws them to All Saints along with scriptural preaching, the sacrament and prayers and community that create this incredible worship. Our volunteers are serving in a community of saints, with all the leaders and volunteers that bless us every Sunday morning in the act of worship. 

That being said how can you get involved? 

Liturgy- the work of the people.....come and help us. Like the meaning of the word, serving in a worship ministry on Sunday morning is a form of worship. Want to see God’s Kingdom break in afresh in our midst? Come this Sunday and consider giving what you can by joining a worship team.

Team Leaders will be available before and after services this Sunday. Ask them about their ministry…
Altar Team - Barbara Miller & Mary Nan Doumany
Chalice Bearer/Servers - Larry Luby, Margaret Bean, Bob Silvia
Greeters - Denny Slaton, Ken Perry
Ushers - Sawnie McEntire; Gary Redwine & Jeff Doumany
Readers - Carolyn Bess
Crucifer & Element Bearers - Matt & Lauren Middleton, Brian & Lauren Clegg, Sam Turner
Prayer Teams - Dave+ Larlee
Special services - Betty Siber

How to we do our part in the move of God that He has planned for Dallas…Receive as much as you can and Give as much as you can. See you Sunday.
In service,

Dave+ Larlee and Betty Siber