Still Laughing

In last week’s Old Testament lesson, Genesis 18:15, there was this tongue-in-cheek exchange between Sarah and the Lord. Sarah denied laughing that she would have a child in her old age within a year’s time, but the Lord says, “no, but you did laugh.” A funny exchange. But, note in the Lord’s tone there seems to be a firmness and gentleness in his response. He treats each individual in a unique way to get their attention and their trust.

I still chuckle at this exchange. But, what I really take away is using His tone of response. So, in a firm but gentle way, let me remind you as I did last week that we were coming up to the end of our fiscal year, June 30th. Please pray for the finance committee meeting next Monday,  June 26th and our regular scheduled ASD board of stewards meeting on June 29th. These two meetings will be pivotal in setting the budget for the next fiscal year for ministry and our operating expenses. There has been favorable response to our notes from last week and we look forward to another good response this next week so that we can meet our budget income and expenses. Your financial generosity and discipleship can help us close out the fiscal year in a very positive way. This will help us in setting the ministry and operating budget for our next fiscal year, 2017 – 2018. 

This coming Sunday we will continue our sermon series on “Telling Our Story.” In a world of competing narratives, our story, the biblical narrative, sets forth the truth about God, our lives, and the future.  We will continue to be interacting with the Old Testament lives of our spiritual mothers and fathers with the gospel lesson for each Sunday and reflect how the biblical story transforms our lives today. 

Rev. Mark Walz, who recently joined our staff in pastoring roles and as a church planter intern will be preaching. He has almost 20 years of ministry experience. This will be his first sermon at ASD. He’s good. Invite your friends and family to come hear the Word.