Sweet All Saints Friends

Most of you have probably heard by now that I am no longer the Executive Pastor of All Saints. An announcement went out in Philip’s blog last Thursday March 16th in the All Saints newsletter. Here is a link in case you did not get a chance to read it.

I hope you were able to be at All Saints last Sunday when I addressed the church to give some of my prospective on this transition. If you were not able to be there here is a summary of what I had to say:

When Philip told me that he had made a decision that it was time for me to move on and look for a position that would allow me to use more of my pastoral gifting’s, I was surprised and sad. I love All Saints, and the ministry that God has allowed me to have here over the past four years. However, I am a priest in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, and the historic church has always been an Episcopacy form of governance, which means that it is Bishop led. Philip is my Bishop, and as hard as it is to hear his decision I trust him, love him and know that he loves me, and is looking out for what he thinks is best for me and for All Saints.

Since the announcement came out, Margaret and I have heard from so many of you who have expressed your love and concern for us. We are deeply grateful. In many ways this change does not make sense to us (and many of you), but we trust God, and believe he is at work in this transition. I will be looking at other opportunities to serve in a pastoral capacity at other churches, but one opportunity that I have a growing interest in is an academic role. This role would allow me to use my administrative leadership gifts along with an expanded pastoral role.

One call I received was from dear sweet Pat Beeler. She said that when she heard the news she threw a “hissy fit” with God. She told him, “This does not make sense, I hate this, why are you letting this happen, you need to fix this….” After awhile she wore out and stopped, and God then said to her, “Are you through?” Pat said yes, and the Lord said to her, “This is not about you Pat, this is about Ken. I need Ken to do something else for me right away that is very important, and Ken is so responsible and loves All Saints so much that he would never leave there on his own.” Pat was excited to hear that, and told me that God is about to use me in something He is doing that is very important. I love Pat, and what she heard from God is exactly the same way I am looking at this painful transition. I believe and trust God is at work.

Margaret and I love everyone at the church so much. You are our friends and our spiritual family. We are hoping that this academic possibly is what God is doing, because it would also mean that we can continue to make All Saints our church home.

Here is what you can do for us right now. Don’t shy away from us. Pray for us. Continue to call us, invite us over for dinner, and accept our invitation to get together. We love All Saints and we love you, and we trust God is at work.