The Cycle of Generosity

I have often said that generosity is the basis of God’s authority in our life. Think about it. His generosity in creating the world, you, me, our families. Generosity in giving His word, His Son, His Holy Spirit, the church. His generosity in our friendships, our financial resources, our gifts and talents. It really is the basis of His authority. God continues to give and give and give not only to show His love for us, but to woo us into a relationship with Him. His authority is really not based on His power in “making us do things.” True love invites us to respond to His generosity in love, trust, and choice not just duty and obligation.

Generosity is a discipleship issue. As we follow Christ, we become more and more transformed into His character, His generosity. 

In articulating one of our core values, generosity, we talk about the 10/10/10 understanding of stewardship. As we receive your tithes and offerings, we set aside 10% of those for our own local church planting, outreach, and international mission initiatives. Another 10% is sent to the AMiA for its ongoing support. The AMiA sends 10% of their income to our overseas mission partners. The cycle of generosity just continues to flow from beyond this world into our lives and back.

As we near the close of our fiscal year, let me encourage you in your life of generosity. By giving back to the Lord, through ASD, a portion of His riches that He has entrusted to you, you are growing as a disciple of Christ. Our budget year ends June 30. In being transparent, you can see our budget year-to-date information each week in our Sunday bulletins. Your consistent generosity not only reflects the generosity of Christ, but allows ASD to keep on schedule for our budget year.  If you have any questions or thoughts about your generous giving, please feel free to contact Mike Blanchat at 501-590-3394 (or or any of the clergy.

Finally, this Sunday is the day we celebrate the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a significant tenet of our faith that is often overlooked. Jesus takes our humanity in to the presence of God forever. This has huge meanings for our life and our relation with God. Come Sunday and find out what that is. 

On Mission,