When the Light Comes

God has begun another year. Each day he unfolds for us, as we live, he will reveal himself more fully not only to us but through us to those around us. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany is defined as an experience of sudden and striking realization. It is what happens in a dark room when the lights are suddenly turned on. We see at last. It happens when sudden insight dawns like a flash. The season of Epiphany celebrates the reality that God has sent his own eternal son into the darkness of our lives, this world, as the Light of the world.

I am grateful to the Rev. Mark Browne for the following insights about Epiphany. He will be preaching at ASD on Sunday, January 28th.

Light does several things:

  • Light discloses – we could not have known God unless he revealed himself to us. We need an ongoing epiphany. Ours is a revealed faith. Faith is a response to revelation.
  • light dispels – things are seen clearly when there is light. We would have still been in the dark about the true nature of God had Jesus not come.
  • Light divides – darkness and sunlight cannot coexist. Jesus brings before all people the necessity to respond to God's love or to turn from it. There is no neutral ground. Being life in a place that is committed to darkness can seem to some as divisive or intolerant. But there can be no unity between darkness and light.
  • Light directs – CS Lewis wrote, "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."
  • Light draws – those lost in the wilderness have written about the exhilaration felt when they saw a light in the distance. They speak of hope rising within them. Light also draws bugs. We shouldn't be surprised at the kind of folks Jesus has chosen to make his church. All of us are a bit "bug – like."

Jesus does not want anyone stumbling in the dark. He wants everyone to have an epiphany.

Finally, this Sunday the 7th, we will follow Jesus’ commands and baptize at least 4 children who will be having an epiphany of their own. Come and see.