Within our Body

As we prepare to move downtown in the next 1- 1 1/2 years, I have been praying about our potential impact. With the downtown area having so much that affects all of Dallas in business, politics, medical, law, retail, residential living, etc., how can we find people in our congregation that might have impact in these areas? Obviously, the church does not have to be downtown to do this. But the location does have significance. It really is, in many ways, at the crossroads of Dallas: North, South, East and West. 

We are working on the plans and details of a way for all of you to discover your calling, contribution, spiritual gifts and wiring. These monthly meetings, beginning in September, will be open to the whole church. Through these meetings and a couple of retreats here in Dallas, we will see what God is doing in our own congregation: the gifts, ministries, leadership development, and other areas of your life that are already there. We are working out the details but have some very promising opportunities that will be presented to you in August and that are to begin in September 2017.

Hearing from many of you, I am more convinced than ever that this move downtown is significant for the city of Dallas and for the kingdom. The Crossroads Committee is working weekly on design plans with our architect, Gary Cunningham, and a contractor to be hired soon. The physical space will be safe, secure, and a launching pad of ministries as God works through each of you for his kingdom here in Dallas and abroad. As updates arrive, we will give you more input.

Please keep both of these in your prayers, leadership development and building design/construction, as we try to follow God's leading and timing.