DCC Worship and Bible Study

On Thursday mornings, at 7:15-8:15 AM, at the Dallas Country Club Sports Grill, I and others lead a morning prayer service using the Book of Common Prayer. It is free and open to anybody, and you don't have to be a member of the DCC. In our prayer time we praise God, confess sin, read psalms and canticles, pray for needs, and our families. This morning we prayed for victims of hurricanes as well as for the city of Dallas.

This is followed by Bible study and reflection. Sometimes it is questions and answers from the Bible reading for the next Sunday sermon, or it can be Lectio Divina meditation. This morning we looked at “how does Jesus develop us” by reviewing some of the experiences of St. Peter. We focused on “calling.” How does God call us, how do we respond? What does acceptance of the call look like and how can we take responsibility and surrender? How do we reflect on our own story and understand how that story is connecting with God’s story?

For example, the stories of Peter give insights to these questions. His journey is similar to ours in its ups and downs. Walks on water then begins to sink when looking at the waves. Confesses Christ as Messiah then rebukes Jesus for saying He had to die. Promises to never deny Him and does so three times. Jesus restores him by asking him three times if he loved Him. You get the picture. Jesus is trying to restore and develop Peter as a disciple and friend of his. Great discussion. What about our calling?

We talked about signs that are yellow flags that we are not clear on our calling such as:

  • lack of direction
  • blaming and complaining
  • victim mentality
  • increasing fear and anxiety-burnout
  • felling stuck
  • feeling you are not doing enough
  • reactive vs proactive work schedule
  • inability to define the calling God has given.

Know you are invited when you can come. Try it out sometime and experience our prayer community. Come as you can and when you can.