You're Invited! :: Equipping the Saints

God is doing something in Dallas. By God’s grace we hope to have our opening service in the new building All Saints Day in the Fall of 2018. How do we prepare ourselves spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally for His call on All Saints Dallas? He has a role for us as individuals, for us as families, and for us as a worshipping community.

What will that role be? I have often brought that question to the Lord in prayer. Every time I ask Him what He wants me to do He always tells me more about who He is. So, that out of our devotion to Him, our actions might be a response to who He has revealed Himself to be.

All are invited tomorrow, September 14, at 7:00pm to gather at ASD. Each month we will set aside one evening to intentionally gather in prayer, worship, ministry, and hear God’s word around this exciting season for ASD. This month at our Equipping the Saints meeting we will be looking at the foundational value of all we do at All Saints Dallas. The goodness of God. Not only is God good, He also knows us.

God is not mad, He isn't angry, He is not disappointed with us. He knows us too well to be surprised. He thinks more highly of us than we do of ourselves. He loves us.

Worship will begin at 7pm with an interactive teaching time in an interview style between +Philip and Dave+. We will also spend some time in prayer and in ministry where we will ask the Lord to manifest his Goodness in our lives.

Come and join us!

Equipping the Saints
7pm @ All Saints Dallas