Pastorates Week

  • Date: Every other Sunday until May 6, 2018
  • Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm


A place of connection for desired transformation. 

What is a Pastorate?

A Pastorate is a gathering of 15-30 people who meet every other week in homes during the week. Along with Sunday worship, Pastorates are an essential part of life together at All Saints Dallas.

A Pastorate provides an environment where we can:

  • Become Christlike for the sake of others
  • Connect newcomers to the church
  • Experience the fullness of New Testament Christian community, ministering to one another
  • Develop new leaders of worship, prayer, and groups
  • Serve the world together

What should I expect at a typical Pastorate gathering?

Pastorate meetings last about two hours, beginning each time with fellowship over food, followed by worship and prayer. The Pastorate leader gives a Bible teaching focused on spiritual transformation into the character of Christ. The Pastorate is open to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, laying hands on one another and praying for healing and expecting the manifestation of all the New Testament gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pastorates are the hub of intercessory prayer for All Saints Dallas.

What will I learn at Pastorate gatherings?

The goal is to help us grow together as we learn to build community (radical inclusivity) and encourage profound spiritual transformation. We will learn how to increasingly be like Jesus for the sake of others. These discussions will be facilitated by Pastorate leaders.

What does the Pastorate do beyond itself?

The members of each Pastorate serve together outside the church in a mercy ministry, serving people in need in Dallas at least once during each term.