Clarion Call

  • Date: November 10, 2017
  • Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

What is it? 

Clarion Call is a personal development process that assists a christ-follower in discovering and clarifying one’s personal calling statement, which provides a life compass to navigate the season ahead.

What does it involve?

The Clarion Call Retreat involves looking at three big questions: 1)Where have you been, on your walk with Jesus? 2) Where are you going? 3) Who can help you get there?

How will we explore those 3 Questions?

In order to answer Question 1 we will do a simple yet powerful Timeline Exercise. This is where we intentionally look back at the story of our lives up until this point to get a sense of perspective on the Treasure of the Past, the moments he has redeemed painful seasons and the values he has deposited into us that have shaped who we are.

Armed with these answers we will then tackle Question 2 by going through a process that will help us identify the unique call that the Lord has placed on our lives. With so many great options of what to do in life, many people find they need help to know what to say no to, and what to say yes to. The whole purpose in this section is to identify your YES.

Then Question 3 - How will this happen and with whom? Calling is something in the New Testament that is always discerned in community and then also requires community to help make it happen. In other words what kind of intentional discipleship is needed to turn vision into action? The Apostle Paul as gifted as he was needed the encouragement of Barnabas to live out his Calling and thanks to the influence of Barnabas, Paul was able to pen the majority of the New Testament. Who did God call Barnabas to be? The scriptures tell us he was simply a good man who was filled with the Holy Spirit. Who might you need pouring into your life to realize what God has planned for you?


The Clarion Call Retreat is an incredible time of encountering the Lord and gaining a sense of perspective of what he has been doing, is currently doing and might do through us. Those who do it find afterwards that the Lord has given them a fresh empowerment of the spirit, to be an influence for His Kingdom as they pursue what God has called them to do.

Clarion Call

Nov 10th, 7 – 9pm & Nov 11th, 9am – 1pm

>>Cost $100.00 per person

Scholarships available (email Dave Larlee at

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