Three Streams

Scripture | Spirit | Sacrament

We believe God reveals his love to us through the Scriptures, the Spirit and the Sacraments which together constitute the three streams of a life giving church. Like trees planted at the water's edge, our roots are nourished by these three streams.

  • Scripture which is God’s inspired word and is our authoritative guide for faith and life.
  • The Holy Spirit who is at work in the church and the world manifesting God’s power and releasing God’s gifts.
  • The Sacraments which we embrace as part of a participatory liturgical worship. (Listen to a sermon by +Philip Jones on this topic)

These three streams, the Scripture, the Spirit and the Sacraments define our core values, shape our identity, and guide our words, actions, and worship. By God’s grace revealed in these three streams, we can live a life that abides with Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and that sets us free.