A Season of Expectation

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May Christ fill us all with Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace this Advent season!

This first week of Advent is a celebration of the coming of a baby, and the hope of the coming of our King. A hope that is very different than what our culture is celebrating this time of year. Please join us each Sunday in Advent to learn more about this season of expectation, the beginning of our liturgical year.

During these last few weeks of the year, churches and ministries anticipate generous end-of-the-year giving to meet budgets. All Saints Dallas is no exception. I am writing to give you an update on the contributions to All Saints thus far this year.

Last year we had $832,000 come in December for both our day-to-day operations and Crossroads funds! This December we need approximately $600,000 in contributions to the operating fund this last month of the calendar year. In addition, we have budgeted for $705,000 for the Crossroads fund based on previously committed pledges.

Crossroads has been a continuing revelation of God’s glorious plan for All Saints and your generosity, faithfulness, and joy. We are deep into construction and it is going well; see the latest construction updates on our new building here. https://allsaintschurchdallas.org/crossroads/

A couple of reminders:

  • All giving to Crossroads is above and beyond your regular giving tithe.
  • Please sign-in to the Commons on our website, and check to make sure your address is correct so that we can get your end of the year contribution statement to you in a timely manner.

I rejoice in being your partner in the gospel here at All Saints. I continue to be amazed at what God is doing at ASD. The new building is almost halfway completed. Peoples’ lives are being transformed, given hope, and we always meet with expectation. I value so much your trust in God through ASD.

Please prayerfully consider being generous in these last few weeks of 2018, as an act of worship, discipleship and gratitude to the wonderful things God is doing here at All Saints.

God bless you.

On Mission,