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Are You Invited?

What a week!! Huh?…. I thought it would be over. Well, not really. This is one aspect of this week I suspected might be the case. Here it drags on and we still don’t know.

However, it does make me think and meditate on the heart of the gospel, which is that Jesus intends to bring His own Kingdom fully, and soon. And I imagine, many of us throughout our lives grow in eagerness to see that kingdom come. We imagine what a world would be like in which there is no corruption, no injustice, no oppression from authorities, no pain, no death… maybe no taxes? What else will it be like? It will be a kingdom worth all of this waiting and pain; that we know for sure! But even as we crave it and meditate on it, hoping it comes soon, how often do we examine our lives enough to even know with certainty whether we are, as individuals, invited?

You see, Jesus had a lot to say about His kingdom. But He also spent a great portion of his parables challenging us all to question whether we are even invited into His Kingdom. There are criteria to meet, in order to be counted among His citizens. This, it seems, should be the thing we are most consumed with. Our thoughts ought to turn more quickly to our own qualification or merit than the qualification of any temporary government authority, be they a president, senator, judge, or mayor. Jesus spends more time looking at you; looking at me. 

This Sunday, we are going to explore this focus of Christ’s and let His Words challenge us in a parable on whether we are even invited — whether we meet His criteria. We seek a better kingdom? A righteous kingdom? Good! It is certainly coming. Are you invited?