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A few years ago Fr. Nelson Koscheski and I collaborated to write a new hymn for the Feast of the Ascension. Although it did not make it onto any of our Liturgical Folk records it may sound familiar to you, as we have sung it at All Saints the past few years. Take a listen and prepare to sing along during our live stream Ascension Day service.

Christ Arisen, Christ Ascended
By Nelson Koscheski & Ryan Flanigan

Verse 1
Christ arisen, Christ ascended;
Living Lord, he rises higher.
Nature’s exile surely ended
Our Jesus goes to take his throne. 

Verse 2
For forty days he showed the light;
Dear God’s renewal of our tribe,
Then rose in glory from our sight 
To sit, New Adam, next to God.

Ascend in glory, ascend in my life;
Complete the story of conquering strife.
O Lord, you’re seated on the throne;
Now make my heart your home / I worship you alone

Verse 3
Please hear our cry, O brother dear, 
When we, the lost or fallen call. 
Plead our cause in Father’s ear 
That mercy, love and grace endure.

Verse 4
Dear Jesus, keep us at your knee 
That in our peril, loss or fall
Each one may know that you still see 
The infant soul you called to God.