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In this article today, John Stonestreet writes that “this month marks the 45th anniversary of what is arguably the most courageous act in pop culture history.” In the early 1970s the Texas duo of Jim Seals and Dash Crofts was at the peak of their popularity with hits like “Summer Breeze” and “Diamond Girl.”

Then the bottom fell out when they recorded “Unborn Child.” The song opens gently but unsparingly depicts the reality of abortion. This was written less than a year since Roe v. Wade. These two were not Christians but they could see through to the truth of the sanctity of life in the womb as this song suggests.

This Sunday I will be speaking about the dignity and sanctity of life beginning at conception. Obviously, this is a controversial and highly politicized subject. Not only do I want to lift up the dignity of life beginning at conception until natural death, but also share about God’s love for the world: for those who have suffered through an abortion as women or even men in their role in aiding, indifference, or abandonment. Bringing this subject to light is important so people can receive forgiveness, spiritual freedom, and a greater knowledge of the Father’s love for us.

Mary Jane Fogerty from our church will also be speaking about her ministry at Thrive Women’s Clinic. Their tagline says, “You have plans. Pregnancy wasn’t one of them. But you have the power to choose, find freedom, and pursue your goals and dreams.” She will give us information on how we can volunteer and help those who have found themselves in difficult situations.

Invite friends, family and others who can hear this important message in a loving, safe environment at ASD.