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With all the build up last week of Holy Week leading into Easter, we can forget that the week after Easter is called Easter Week. Liturgically, it is a very positive response to the sometimes “low” emotions we can feel after such a high celebration on Easter Sunday. The resurrection continues. Like the disciples, we continue our journey in understanding how we incarnate the living Christ in our day to day lives. So, here are some Easter Week bits and pieces on how this is happening at ASD:
  • From Carney to Christian- We are blessed to have as our speaker, John Wentz, at First Fruits, this Friday, April 6, from 7 PM – 9 PM.  John comes to us from Chicago, Illinois. He is one of the national leaders of Alpha. he will share with us about the goodness of God. Once a carnival working, a.k.a. carney,  his life change from running Ferris wheels and bumper cars to Alpha. On Saturday he will lead our prayer training for anyone, including our prayer teams, who would like more training in how to pray for healing others. This will begin at 9 AM in the church.
  •  Baptisms and Confirmations – the Sunday after Easter is always a Sunday for baptisms for our church. Historically, baptisms for new Christians  and infants took place during the Easter Vigil service the night before Easter. We usually celebrate these baptisms on the Sunday after and this Sunday is no exception. It is our way of honoring this celebration at a time that is a bit more convenient for families and others. The following Sunday, we will celebrate confirmations for new members joining the church. Again, this follows in the Easter season flow of resurrection life for new people joining the church as we pray over them and I lay hands on them.
  • Crossroads Update– After spending a good season praying, discussing, and interviewing contractors for the new building, this week we have selected a general contracting firm. Thank you for your prayers and patience. The committee feels very good about this process. The demo work is near finished and after more detailed work, construction should take about  5 months to begin in May/June. More details to follow.  Your Crossroads Building Committee continues to meet weekly, sometimes even more. They are John Williams, Jeff Swope, Bob Wilson, Eddie Linss, Mike Blanchat, and me. The design team is JoAnn Dealey, Dee Ann Payne, Brent Jackson, and Jenny Green. Continue to keep them in your prayers for wisdom, good stewardship of our resources and, unity. Your prayers are so helpful.