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Life Together: “Live in God’s presence, Live out His love”
There is a serious crisis. No, not the global pandemic or politics or race. Something else. Something that relates to all that and more. 
If there is one common theme that I’ve heard over the last several months it is this: “Too many of us have a relationship with Jesus that is seriously underdeveloped.” We talk to God or even at God. We don’t listen to Him very much. This is a global spiritual crisis. Most Christians are struggling spiritually, especially when it comes to spending time with God. The struggle is real and we are not alone. We either try to get distracted by anything other than prayer and spending time with Jesus or what used to be distractions have been taken away and we are left wondering, “Who am I? Where is Jesus? What is real?”
Especially during this time of global pandemic, the political season and whatever else maybe troubling our souls, we need time with God to be still, have a non-anxious presence, and listen.
I have good news. There is a way forward!

It is rediscovering ancient practice of the Daily Office. Even though not all of us can gather together in person we are still one community and I want to bring us together in spirit to share something special this season beginning All Saints Day, November 1. Together, we will read daily passages from Peter Scazzero’s devotional book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. This book has deepened my walk with God. I think it could do that with you as well.
We will begin Emotionally Healthy Spirituality with Week 1, Day 1 on Monday, November 2 and continue reading together 5 days a week through Friday, December 25. Each day has 2 readings that include silence, Scriptures, devotional reading and questions to consider.
A free copy of this book will be available to each family unit either by pick up or by mail. You can pick up your book this coming Sunday, October 18, during the week next week, or on October 25. If your book has not been picked up, we will mail it to you.
Notice our time together with this devotional will take us through the end of this liturgical year and then through Advent, concluding on Christmas Day. Our sermons during this time will touch on some of the themes in this book that will help connect us to Jesus, who says, “Abide in me.” (John 15:5)
Please join us in reading this devotional each weekday and for worship in person or virtually. ~+Philip