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Notice the picture here of Mike Allen. He is a member of the Board of Stewards. At least once a month, he volunteers his time to feed the sheep. With the living bread. With his heart and soul. We are grateful for so many of you volunteers, like Mike, who give of their time, talent and treasure for All Saints Dallas and children of all ages.

Too often, we forget that there is this living bread upon which to feed. We settle for so much less. Why? Today, I read this poem by Rita Simmons. It touches on this question:

When we forget there’s Living Bread…

We gather more manna then we can consume.
Yesterday’s bread is too hard to eat in our daily portion is enough for a week.
We store to throw away or we keep what rots and ruins.
We go fat on for food. Nothing is fresh but our guilt, daily renewed.
We hold our possessions for another and then another day which comes and goes without release.
We accumulate and lose our living space. Our children have nowhere to play or create or give thanks, and no time to savor what they eat.
We are slaves to manna that has no power to save us.
We flatten beneath piles of goods will never use.
We forget there’s living bread
and so remain hungry for dying food.

Are you hungry? What kind of food are you eating? Where will you go with your hunger? Will you feed the sheep?