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Frontline Prayer

One of the key factors for gospel renewal/revival to take place is frontline prayer, extraordinary prayer. We have talked about that recently at Sunday services and in our newsletters. I would like to focus in on one of the key frontline prayers: a zeal for those who don’t know Christ. Last Sunday you spent some time praying for that during our worship service. I want to give you another opportunity.

As  most of you know, Alpha is one of our key outreach ministries for reaching those who don’t know Christ, aren’t sure, or who are seeking deeper community. This fall, churches all around the country will launch Alpha and invite their people to explore faith and community. We long to see more people than ever discover and develop a relationship with Jesus and others.

For three days, we are inviting you to unite together and pray for a renewed passion to share our faith, for more power from the Holy Spirit, and for deeper unity in our churches, across Dallas, and our country so that the world may believe.

On August 21 – 23 the ASD staff will be praying at the church from 10 AM – 10:30 AM. You are invited to join us. If you can’t, please join us in prayer during those days to ask the Lord for his guidance and power for our Alpha program that begins September 18. Pray specifically for people that the Lord puts upon your heart to invite to at least come and try it out at our first Alpha night. Here is a possible prayer to use sometime during the days of August 21 – 23 if you cannot join us at the church at 10:00 AM on those days:

Lord God, our world is waiting for us to love and show your heart through your powerful presence. You are the Lord of the harvest. We are praying for a fruitful invitation to those you put upon our heart to invite to our Alpha program. We pray for the Alpha team, the group leaders, our host restaurant, Campisi’s in downtown Dallas, and the courage to invite those in our life to come. Lord, we cannot do this without your help and we are totally dependent upon you. We pray for the power of your Holy Spirit to move upon our church and many others across the country for a fruitful  invitation and harvest; for those to come and ask their questions, meet Jesus, and find community. Thank your for your faithfulness. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Finally, one of the most exciting events we have ever had is a Holy Spirit retreat held at Emerson Swalwell’s farm in Anna, Texas. Well, it’s coming back on Saturday, October 20! More details to come.


Thank you for your prayers and support for this key ministry of ASD.



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