Happy New Year from All Saints

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January 2, 2020

Happy New Year to the All Saints Dallas community! Advent, the present Christmas season and 2020 continue to raise our hopes and expectations that there are more breakthroughs to come through transforming lives in the name of Jesus. As your Senior Pastor and Bishop, I am excited about what God will continue to do in pouring out his favor for 2020.

I’m also very grateful for your generosity. Based on present numbers available, we finished this calendar year with an operating surplus of $141,000! Praise God working through you for a wonderful financial report.

There is some hard news to hear, though, in the wake of the White Settlement Church shooting this past weekend. It seems we are both numbed and enraged about these acts of evil. How can this happen? Could it happen here?

As your Pastor, I want to assure you about your safety at ASD. Let me share with you briefly about some of the safety protocols and plans in place since we moved into our new building.

Throughout the Crossroads building project, the Board of Stewards, building design team, the security committee and staff had in mind safety protocols. Examples include only one entrance path into the building (through the front courtyard), 21 closed-circuit cameras, and gated access to our parking lot.

Unlike the recent tragic church shootings, All Saints Dallas contracts 3 police officers to be a security presence each weekend. They are in uniform and armed. They provide a visible sign of vigilance.

Our volunteer parking lot team members are clearly identified with an orange vest and identification. They patrol the parking lot and sidewalks. They and our police officers welcome you and keep an eye out for any individuals who may appear suspicious or pose a threat. In addition, no one is allowed into the building with uninspected backpacks or large bags.

Our parking lot team, police and each children’s ministry room are equipped with walkie-talkies for immediate and effective communication.

Let me assure you that we – the staff, Board of Stewards, and our security partners Dallas Police and Downtown Dallas Inc. – always seek to update our safety protocols based on the best information provided to us. If you have questions or important input please contact Mike Blanchat at [email protected].

I remind you that in our very first service at this property, July 7, at 2019, we re-dedicated this land and property to the Lord. We marched around the whole property and the building offering prayers for His presence, guidance and protection.

Finally, I am reminded of scripture that says we are to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Obviously, we are a welcoming community. I recognize that people might try to take advantage of that. So, we want to be wise in our security procedures. Trust the Lord. Evil would love nothing more than for God’s people to be kept away from worship because of the threat of violence. Behind the horrors of church shootings is the devil himself. He flees as God’s people resist him–especially by banishing fear and showing up to worship.

On behalf of your Board of Stewards and staff, we make your safety at All Saints Dallas a top priority.