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I just wanted to share with you what a BLESSING it was to have Dave Larlee teach a lesson on Healing and the Goodness of God to our Refugee Bible study, Grace Community, last night!

Our attendance was down a bit – we only had about 30-33 adults and a smattering of children, but I am sure each was there by divine appointment! We usually run 40-50 adults with an additional 5-15 children.

Dave’s teaching reinforced some key issues we have been addressing for several years within our community.

  • We are not healed because we earn it or deserve it.
  • We are not sick as a punishment for our sin or parents sins. And perhaps most importantly, 3) We don’t negotiate, coheres, or trick God with His word into giving us what we want.

Dave conveyed the Sovereignty of God in conjunction with the Goodness of God in such a clear, translatable way that I know there were some who were finally able to find a peace with  ‘Why?’. Particularly Manijeh, Akbar, and their adult daughter Nusha, who have come to First Fruits for healing from an aggressive and rare cancer which eventually cost Manijeh her right arm. They had just gotten an ‘all clear’ report from the doctor and even though she has lost her arm and will have to have another preventative surgery which was not what she had prayed for, she has found peace with how God has chosen to heal her. Her family brought cake to share and celebrate the good news with their Church family – a concept totally foreign in their native culture

It was also particularly good to see Dave at dinner with some of the men who are new in attendance and have quite a good command of English.

We had a great healing prayer time in which the entire community participated in praying and receiving prayer – especially important to reinforce we all have access to God for healing not just a few designated with the ‘gift of healing’.