a place of connection for desired transformation

We believe that connecting in community is essential for transformation.

During this unprecedented time, All Saints Dallas is providing you with a way to connect with God and one another in a caring Christian community. Most Pastorates will meet this fall in person and some via Zoom, depending on the group. See the registration form for details about each group. In-person Pastorates meet for about two hours; Zoom groups are shorter.

If you are not part of a Pastorate and would like to join one, please register below. Email [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

Register for a Pastorate

What to expect

Pastorates are now gathering via Zoom video meetings or in person, depending on the group, for about one hour. When you register, your Pastorate leader will send you details about the group.


Everyone has an opportunity to share with the group and hear from others about how they doing.

The Pastorate leader provides a Bible study and time for group reflection.

Pastorate members share their prayer needs and concerns, which the group raises to the Lord in corporate prayer.


  • These groups are our main source of connection and prayer outside of our weekly Sunday morning worship.
  • Our pastorates are important because God designed us all to be connected with one another. We like to say here at All Saints that “we lead with Sunday worship,” but it is important to know that the Christian walk can’t stop there, so we invite you to experience the Christian life together in one of our pastorates.