a place of connection for desired transformation

We believe that connecting in community is essential for transformation.

A Pastorate is a gathering of 15-30 people who meet in homes every other week. Pastorates are an essential part of life together at All Saints Dallas.

Pastorates begin the week of January 27 and run every other week through the week of April 21.

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What to expect

Pastorate meetings last about two hours, beginning each time with fellowship over food.

The Pastorate leader gives a Bible teaching focused on spiritual transformation into the character of Christ.

The Pastorate is open to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, laying hands on one another and praying for healing and expecting the manifestation of all the New Testament gifts of the Holy Spirit.


  • These groups are our main source of connection and prayer outside of our weekly Sunday morning worship.
  • Our pastorates are important because God designed us all to be connected with one another. We like to say here at All Saints that “we lead with Sunday worship,” but it is important to know that the Christian walk can’t stop there. So we invite you to experience the Christian life together in one of our pastorates. Check one out now!