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Years ago I was told a parable, maybe Texan in origin, that went like this…

Suppose I inherited 100,000 acres of Texas land, and I was out showing someone around my inheritance. “See that mountain range to the east? I own it. See the rivers to the south? I own them. The forest to the west is mine also.”

And when asked by the one I’m guiding around “Do those mountains have caves? Do the rivers have fish? How’s the firewood to be found in the forest?” The answer came…“I don’t know I haven’t actually ever explored what is mine.”

When I heard this parable I found myself convicted. I had been praying and asking the lord for more, to know more of his love, to see more of his power, to see more of the fruit of the spirit in my life. When I heard this story I realized that I had become satisfied in knowing what is mine without experiencing it.

I have learned in recent months that praying for more requires us to move from knowing what is our inheritance to experiencing it. This requires a change of posture and willingness on our behalf to move out of our comfort zone. For the Larlee family it meant selling most of our possessions, saying goodbye to friends and family, and following the call of God to move to another country where we knew no one.

What does it look like for you to move into experiencing what you know is yours in Christ? It is unlikely to mean moving to another country…we lucked out because we ended up in Texas.

What does it mean for All Saints Dallas? Simply put – it means moving downtown. There are some unknowns with the move, there are some challenges, there are some things that might incite fear and others that might incite joy.

Having sat in on meetings, prayed around the new site, met the neighbors and joked with a few local residents – one thing has become certain in my mind – the Lord is with us. We know him to be good, kind, and trustworthy. We know him to be a provider, a miracle worker, a reconciler, and we know him to be the one who holds the words of life. This move downtown, in my mind, has become an invitation to not just know these things but to experience them.

So pray for more, yes please don’t stop. Let’s also prepare our hearts to get ready to move from knowing more to experiencing more, all the Lord has in store for us.