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Not a Cosmic Buddy

This week, we are going to be looking at the Creation story. And not just the beginning of creation, but also the ongoing flourishing (and struggle) of Creation and the ultimate destination of Creation as the Bible has laid it out. I love this story, especially how God tells His bigger story of redemption and love into the way He designed the universe and all that is in it. There is a message in His design that reinforces His purpose behind it — the coming kingdom of God into the world. As it happens, this purpose and the design which reinforces it, is a counter cultural narrative.

For example, most approaches to divine-“into-the-world” scenarios have to do with someone coming and fixing what was broken and then leaving creation to itself once again. It is why ancient pagan understandings of creation thought that the universe and the earth was in chaos before the gods (or God) came and brought order. It is fair then to take the approach that once order has been restored they (the gods) would go back to their heavenly realm to leave humanity to itself once again. If ever they struggle again to reach their potential, to reaching that utopia, the gods will return to right the ship.

Have you approached God in this way? You see, it is convenient to accuse the ancient pagan of this. But if this view is true in our lives (the idea that the gods or God brings order out of chaos), then there is a place of enlightenment and utopia man (we) can attain on his own; we just need a divine helper — a god, or gods — on our side. Do you see how sometimes you and I treat God in this way? Like He is your cosmic mentor? Our divinely appointed trainer in all things leadership and entrepreneurism? Our holy marriage counselor with powers to make your wife or husband treat you better? Our almighty powerful buddy? And once He has fixed things, we relegate Him back to His heavenly realm.

But, if God is not merely a rescuer of the world and by extension ourselves then we are not to just accept graciously His rescue and then go about our way, from time to time checking in with Him making sure we are following the steps to success He laid out in His best-selling Word. If He is our Creator, or as Jesus exhorts us to call Him, our Father — then we must return to Him.

If God is the creator then we cannot respond with ‘thanks for the help, I’ve got this now’ when our conditions have been restored and our lives back on track. If God is the creator, we owe Him, and have always owed Him, our allegiance and love.

This is why a right view of Creation and its ongoing flourishing and ultimate end is so vital. It returns us to a right view of our relationship with Him and how we are to love Him and depend on Him, not as a cosmic friend, but as Lord.
God bless you all!