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Greetings in the name of our one hope, Jesus Christ!

Holy Week is always special in our tradition as the church takes time to worship and remember the incredible, world saving events 2000 years ago. Even in more “normal” times, followers of Christ hear, receive and seek to live out the Gospel’s good news that is so richly presented during this week. It all begins with Palm Sunday, April 5.

Obviously, these are not “normal” times. As hard as it is, receiving news of more confirmed cases and concerns over rising death tolls around the world, this is a time of deeper penetration into the saving hope in the gospel news. None of us live forever on this earth. We forget that when times are good. The time now is good, to end our season of Lenten reflections and to look forward to the hope that is in Jesus Christ. Please make note of the following Holy Week opportunities to reflect, look up, look in, look around, look forward.

Sunday, April 5, Palm Sunday. We remember this day in such a way that impinges upon our lives the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem for the final week of his life. We will celebrate Palm Sunday in a recorded service with songs, scriptures, prayers and a talk about the meaning of Palm Sunday, then and now.

Thursday, April 9, Maundy Thursday. Instead of the traditional foot-washing, songs, sermon and stripping of the altar that we have practiced in years past at All Saints, please join us for a panel discussion on the meaning of the Triduum, the 3 holy days from Maundy Thursday evening to Easter morning.

Friday, April 10, Good Friday Mediations on the Stations of the Cross. You are invited to participate virtually as we mark the traditional 14 stations of the cross remembering the passion of Christ on this day 2000 years ago. Obviously, we won’t be able to carry the cross or write notes to put on the cross as in the past. But, we will be able to read short meditations together on each station and worship with songs to prepare our hearts.

Saturday, Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil. We will continue our shelter-in-place ritual of morning Daily vlogs with a special talk on Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil: What happened on this day? And what does this day mean to us now?

Sunday, April 12– Easter Celebration! Easter worship, joy, hope and celebration will mark and characterize our Easter service. The historical event of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is the hope and foundation upon which we base our lives here and into eternity. It is a reminder that death, disease, evil and sin have already been conquered. We live and worship in the between time of the here-ness and the not-yet-ness of the Kingdom of God.

Finally, let me encourage all of you to pray and constantly seek his face (Psalm 105:4) hourly, daily and weekly for REVIVAL personally, nationally and globally.

God bless you,