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Thank you so much for your prayers, support and encouragement for the significant moment in history of the AMiA.  As you were informed last Sunday, this week I chaired the General Assembly for the Anglican Mission in America. This meeting is different than the annual Winter Conference that we have hosted in Dallas. This was more of a business meeting where we review our goals and aims every six years.

The AMiA is a missionary society planting three stream churches in the United States. Our goal in gathering this week was to revisit God’s call on this movement, examine our Constitution for possible amendments and adopt a Theological Vision for the AMiA. This document becomes the “operating system” of how we do life together in the mission. This is a faithful restatement of the gospel with implications for how we do life together, our ministry and our mission in a type of culture at a moment in history. It expresses a clear and comprehensive balance between beliefs and behaviors outlining who we are, what we do and how we do this together. It is organized in the following sections:

  • our identity
  • our focus
  • our beliefs
  • our rhythms
  • how to belong
  • our leadership structures
  • frequently asked questions

Thanks for your prayers and support.

On Mission,