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There was once a member of All Saints who did not know how to get connected to the community. She found ASD online. She came and loved the music. She loved the non-traditional space, the gospel centered preaching and the liturgy. She liked being around Christians who were “the same on Sunday morning as they were on Thursday afternoon.”

With a background in the performing arts Christia was not sure where to connect at ASD. She decided to start by looking to see what the immediate needs of the church were. A chance conversation with Lyn one morning led to teaching the Elementary students.

This led to her star turn last Sunday as The Storyteller for our Little Saints Kick Off Sunday Party. Christia brought Max Lucado’s book “ You are Special” to life for our children ages 2-5th grade. It was a BIG hit. The children were spellbound.

Christia has performed for groups as small as 5 and as large as 500. She has been a regular at The State Fair and performed on stages throughout the DFW area. One of her favorite memories as a performer was at a retirement center near ASD. Watching the eyes of Alzheimer’s patients light up as they connected with Christmas music and stories from years gone by touched her heart.   “Wearing a costume allows me to interact with a person, young or old, in a special way. I can say kind things and loving things in a safe way that is also more accessible. “

Ironically Christia won a Column Award for excellence in acting in the DFW area, not for her kindly portrayals of Mother Goose and Mrs. Claus, but for her performance as gossipy, nasty Mrs. Dubose in the theatrical version of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Some final thoughts on the arts from Christia: “the arts are not necessary for our physical survival, like air, food and water but they are necessities for life because they are gifts given to us by our Creator. Made in God’s image, we are made to be creative, to use our gifts to learn and craft and create. These are often the easiest and most accessible ways to worship.”

And on volunteering: “Start by looking at where the needs of the church are and see where you can get involved in even the smallest ways. You never know where it will lead.”

By Lyn Baker, ASD Director of Family Ministries


To contact Christia: [email protected]

FB: Mrs. Claus &Mother Goose DFW