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Lenten Prayer and Fasting – Saturday, March 9

As a church family, All Saints Dallas has been called to a rhythm of prayer and fasting during Lent. The focus of our fasting and prayers will be on our move downtown; to concentrate on both internal preparation of the heart and the external preparation in our new neighborhood. Prayer – Each Saturday until Easter, wherever you are, we ask your prayers for 15 minutes, during your regular devotion or between 8-10 am. Every Thursday in the newsletter there will be a different prayer, with verses and specific prayer requests, for you to pray through that Saturday. Fasting – Choose the fast you feel called to; missing a meal, giving up a particular food/drink for the day, or a complete fast for that day. If you can’t exercise your fast on Saturday, pick another time throughout the week. Let us pray this, not just as individuals, but as a church family together. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Prayer of Preparation for a new church location

Father, thank you for the blessing and the provision of this new church home. The keys to this church have been given to us — authority has been given to us — and we take total and complete authority over this entire church now, in Jesus’ name. We cancel every claim the enemy can make here, by the blood of Jesus Christ. We cleanse our new building – everything spiritual, everything physical. We consecrate and we dedicate this church location to the rule of Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit. We consecrate the classrooms, community space, offices, and sanctuary, the structure and the infrastructure, the water and electricity; we consecrate the physical realm and the spiritual realm; we consecrate the land as well. Come, Holy Spirit, come and fill every part of our new building with the glory of your kingdom, with love, with peace, with holy rest. Jesus, we ask your angels to cleanse this church now, to establish your kingdom here, to build a shield of protection around it. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord, we now proclaim our new building and land and everything in it as the property of the kingdom of God. Amen.

Scriptures to meditate on:

1 Kings 6:11-13

11 Now the word of the Lord came to Solomon, 12 “Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statutes and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father. 13 And I will dwell among the children of Israel and will not forsake my people Israel.”

2 Samuel 7:18-22

18 Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and said, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far? 19 And yet this was a small thing in your eyes, O Lord God. You have spoken also of your servant’s house for a great while to come, and this is instruction for mankind, O Lord God! 20 And what more can David say to you? For you know your servant, O Lord God! 21 Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness, to make your servant know it. 22 Therefore you are great, O Lord God. For there is none like you, and there is no God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

Specific Request:

Pray for those individuals in the city of Dallas Real Estate and Attorneys Office who are reviewing our public utilities contract. That our plan would be approved quickly, and that we’d be able to hook up to the public lines within our timeline.