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This PILLARS campaign ends this Sunday, November 11th. Over the past several weeks we have announced this short-term additional opportunity for giving to the needs of construction and our new building at 901 S. Ervay. This is called the PILLARS campaign. Because of rising construction and material costs and high demand in Dallas, some of the initial items had to be taken out or postponed for budget purposes. These included items that relate to the three important pillars of our new building around which the design has been made: Worship, Children, and Community space. The good news is that we can include these in the first phase of our new building by raising up to $300,000 for these items. To date, we have raised $195,000, which leaves $105,000 still to be raised or paid before the end of this calendar year. Here is a breakdown of the items and their cost:

  • playground equipment – $25,000
  • community/fellowship area – $25,000
  • coffee bar – $15,000
  • one additional office – $5000
  • sanctuary needs –$115,000 (this includes new pews, since the price would be the same if we restored our present pews and moved them)
  • exterior signage – $40,000
  • Floor treatments, improved landscaping/hardscape, additional furniture, fixtures and equipment – $75,000

You can GIVE ONLINE HERE, you can give by writing PILLARS in the memo line on your check and mailing it to PO Box 190763, Dallas TX 75219 by the end of this calendar year, or by putting it in the wheelbarrow (yep, that’s what I said) this Sunday when you come up for Communion. If you put your check in an offering envelope located on the back of the pew, please write “PILLARS” on the line next to “Other” so we know it’s not general giving or Crossroads giving.

Remember this is over and above your tithe to the ongoing operation of ASD and whatever commitment you may have previously made to the Crossroad Campaign. Thank you for responding to the Lord in your generosity!