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Where’s the love?

Valentine’s Day has always been a ” holiday” fraught with peril. It can be too much stress or expectations with not enough payback. It kind of exposes us in a variety of ways if we are honest.

So, I have to tell you the story about one of my daughters who called this morning. She said she hates Valentine’s Day, it is too “stressy”. She has two young children and as the day started with getting the kids to school and her to work, here is how Miss “Stessed” left the house:

  • she’s out of toilet paper
  • the dishes are piled up
  • the clothes are clean but unfolded and also piled up
  • the kids’ Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates cannot put their names on them, but only say who it’s from. So no one feels left out, I guess
  • she left some stuff at the house on the way to school and work
  • she didn’t fix breakfast, much less a special Valentine’s Day breakfast
  • she forgot lunches
  • her husband worked late last night and could not help this morning
  • at school when the kids in her daughter’s class were told to thank their parents for bringing special Valentine’s Day food her daughter says to everyone, “my mom brought nothing”

Well, you get the picture. Your day may or may not have been like this. If you have young kids, or if you have had young kids, you know what this is like. In the middle of all this, you have to remember some ways to show love. After all it is Valentine’s Day. Good luck. Where’s the love?